Food Sync

Telling the Story to Explain the Purpose

When a business experiences growth it can feel that something is altering, indicating a shift in its position. The challenge is to not only act strategically and decisively to consolidate this shift, but also to articulate it. By explaining and articulating this change, a company can gain clarity over its future direction.

By focussing on what give the brand its meaning, you can understand how it is changing. Or, to put it another way: you can’t know where you’re going until you understand where you’ve been.

About FoodSync
FoodSync is an enterprise that works with the food sector, developing strategic solutions to support the food economy, its producers and consumers.

The business was growing, but needed to find a better way of explaining what it was about.

FoodSync has core areas of work, but the challenge was to present these as a coherent whole, in such a way that potential clients and stakeholders could easily grasp the concept behind the business.
Reaching Bedrock
Bedrock is Partisan’s process for helping brands develop their brand purpose, to structure them for growth. With FoodSync, we examined the business’s origins as a social enterprise, and the thinking that has driven its development.

We looked at the four pillars of its work – economy, health, environment, social – and how these related to each other and to the core brand. The Bedrock process analysed and assessed FoodSync’s brand values, its tone of voice and its brand purpose.

The culmination of this work was creating a brand manifesto for FoodSync, which would articulate its brand purpose clearly, express this in a consistent tone of voice and set out the brand’s central objectives.
The Legacy
The Bedrock process gave FoodSync a useful point from which to explore and then launch its next phase as a brand and a business.

As a result, the brand now two distinct arms, for commercial and charity-based work, and has used its manifesto as a springboard for its recruitment and marketing.
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