Food Sync

How storytelling explains brand purpose

Businesses change their shape. They grow and progress. Effective branding reflects these changes and expresses them within a coherent brand identity.

FoodSync works in the food sector, providing specialist strategic solutions supporting both producers and consumers in the food economy. Whereas it was clear to their existing client base what the FoodSync represented, the outward-facing brand narrative seemed to lack an overriding clarity.

The challenge was to define the character and function of the FoodSync brand.

This was the perfect opportunity to apply our Bedrock process. Here, we examined FoodSync’s origins as a social enterprise and how the brand’s philosophy has informed its development.

FoodSync has four main areas of focus: economy, health, environmental and social. One of our tasks was to explore how these related to each other and to the whole brand.

By looking at these relationships we could create a brand narrative for FoodSync, reflecting its purpose and values.

The outcome of Bedrock was the creation of a brand manifesto for FoodSync. This captures the brand purpose, setting out objectives in a clear tone of voice.

The legacy of Bedrock is that it provides a touchstone and resource for future brand development.

FoodSync has since created two distinct arms for its brand, for commercial and charity-focused work. The brand manifesto has also provided a useful springboard for recruitment and marketing.
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