WoHo | Luxome

Branding for an innovative hybrid work-residential concept

WoHo marks a decisive step into the future of how people will work and live.

With the pandemic causing significant and enduring shifts in working patterns, now is the perfect time for new concepts that reimagine the spaces we occupy.

But how do you capture this type of dynamic in a brand? That’s the question the WoHo brief asked.

Our answer was to strip things back so that each member of the target audience would have the freedom to see the concept in their own individual way.

We used simple and relatable illustrations in WoHo’s advertising displays, giving the brand a functional, uncluttered feel.

What we wanted was for the audience to do the work of imagining itself in the hybrid work-living space.
Rather than be overly aspirational, the WoHo brand instead puts practicality first, offering a physical platform on which people can build their individual lifestyles and achieve their optimum work-life balance.
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