Trees music festival

A brand evolution that stays true to its roots

The 2000trees music festival has built its brand reputation on staying connected with its followers, combining intimacy with grassroots credibility.

For this type of brand to evolve, it needs to keep its focus on core values so as not to lose the essence of its identity.

2000trees commissioned Partisan to come up with fresh branding to support it as both a festival and a campaigning brand for environmental issues.

We looked at how we could raise the profile of 2000trees without losing sight of the relatable qualities that had inspired fierce loyalty in its followers.

Typically, the festival attracts around 15,000 people. This number is small by industry standards but it has enabled 2000trees to form a tight bond with its fans. This sense of community and shared purpose drove our brand strategy.

We looked at the vernacular and how the fans referred to the festival simply as Trees.

Therefore, it made sense to shorten the brand name and use this abbreviated name in the new branding.

This allowed the brand to demonstrate, immediately and impactfully, its recognition of its followers’ contribution to its success and, ultimately, its identity.
It was about digging deeper and looking at the brand not only from its own viewpoint but also how its target audience perceived it, and the ownership they had of it.

The resulting branding is simple and direct but also brand and audience-specific.
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