salford council

Promoting an arts festival that highlights green spaces and makes art more accessible

Salford Council’s Rediscovering Salford arts festival is a programme of events and exhibitions designed to highlight otherwise ignored or under-appreciated green spaces in the area. The main vehicle for doing this is visual art.

Our inspiration came from the artist Henri Matisse.

Matisse embraced cut-outs as his medium in his final years, from the late 1940s onwards.

These bold, colourful and contrasting shapes maximised the impact of simple forms.

Adopting this concept, we designed large, simple coloured leaf forms that would work as a running theme throughout the promotional material for the festival.
Proposed signage for accessible way-finding around the public spaces.
These designs worked across different display poster sizes and were readily scalable and reproducible on smaller sized printed material.

We gave Rediscovering Salford a clear visual identity that reflected its two main components, art and green spaces. 
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