One Million Trees

A tribal identity for a community that connects music with the environment

One Million Trees is an organisation promoting environmental protection through music festivals and positive action.

We looked at how to tie the various strands of One Million Trees together in a way that would fit the brand and be impactful. The thing that leapt out at us was the idea of a tribal identity coming from a sense of shared experience and purpose.

This powerful sense of belonging is something common to many music festival-goers' experiences and we wanted to tap into it for the branding of the organisation.

The visual language we used consisted of hand-drawn custom hieroglyphs that would work as information symbols. These integral brand components played on the idea of the tribe and a codified set of communications.

We supported this visual language with typography, colours and imagery that framed the music-based content and other information with an environmental theme that evoked the rain forest.

This framing is both theme-specific and adaptable. One Million Trees has been applying the branding to different festivals and the musicians attending them.
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