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Helping a new architectural practice with its branding and positioning

For many enterprises, their brand is organic, with its development tracking changes in their business. The issue here can be that the brand they start out with becomes misaligned with their core activities and purpose. 

Therefore, getting the brand right early on can be critical to helping an enterprise develop and progress smoothly. We like to structure brands for growth from the outset. We could do this with our work for the architectural practice Define.

Define’s founding partners had returned to the UK after working in Denmark. This was where they wanted to launch their own practice. 

Our task was to explore their brand purpose and give them the foundations on which they could build and grow their brand. The outcome would be a brand manifesto for Define.

To do this, we explored the personal motivations of the founders and their aspirations for building the brand.

We looked at their empathic approach to designing buildings and how this had given them clarity and direction as a practice that put people first.

From our research and investigations, we put together a brand manifesto that highlighted the importance of designing buildings that would meet the practical and emotional needs of end-users.
We also helped Define position themselves as a new practice.

What we could offer was involvement in the Partisan Community, with its focus on the built environment. Here, the Define partners could engage with others and find an immediate professional context for their practice.

This engagement provided a kind of personalised content marketing for the brand, giving it additional support in its critical early stage.
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