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Helping to refine the brand of an architecture practise.

Supporting a brand early in its development can provide the foundations it needs to grow.
This was the case with Define, a Manchester-based architecture practice.

Launching your own business has the potential to be daunting and challenging, especially when you need to establish your credentials.

The partners behind Define had spent several years working in Denmark, but were now back in the UK looking to start their own practice.

Partisan’s main task was to help them explore and articulate their brand purpose, to give them a basis for the ongoing development of their brand identity.

However, we were also able to help them establish the practice’s credentials by involving them in the Partisan Community.
A People-first Philosophy
Creating a brand manifesto for Define was about looking at the personal motivations driving the people behind it and their aspirations for building a distinctive brand.

We looked at how life choices impact on business development and how they feed into an empathic approach to designing buildings for others.

This helped to clarify a brand purpose that centres on putting people first, and has a focus on the relationship of the built environment to the communities which interact with it.
Adding Value Beyond the Brief
Partisan is a community as well as a branding agency. We hold regular roundtable events and webinars, attracting an audience of like-minded professionals. Introducing Define to this community helped them build valuable connections, adding value beyond the immediate brand development brief.

This provided an additional element of brand development for Define, as a kind of personalised content marketing, to establish them as an architectural practice.
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