Creating a distinctive fresh brand identity for a project management consultancy

Specialist project management consultancy Midollo was looking to differentiate itself in a crowded, competitive marketplace.

Our challenge was to explore the elements that defined the uniqueness of this business and shape them into a new brand identity.

This provided the perfect opportunity for us to apply our branding methodology, working closely with the Midollo team.

The first stage of this involved our Bedrock approach to defining brand purpose.

By asking the Midollo team the right questions and exploring the brand inside out, we could build a detailed picture of the business, its values and its purpose.

Our diligent research fed into the brand manifesto we created for Midollo. This document clarified the brand’s values and purpose, acting as a valuable reference point for ongoing brand development.
The next stage of the process was to shape a new brand identity for Midollo.

This was where we applied our Toolkit process for brand building and development. We developed a new Midollo logo, typeface and colour palette and redesigned the Midollo website.
All these outcomes followed logically from the essential groundwork we accomplished with the Bedrock process.

By working this way, we could give the new Midollo brand a firm foundation. This ensured the messaging was a genuine expression and extension of the brand's values and purpose.

The result was a bright, distinctive brand that focuses on Midollo’s people-first approach to its culture and work.

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