Where brand building begins

Defining Your Brand Purpose

What is your brand for? Defining your brand purpose is the bedrock of a successful brand strategy.

Your brand is your statement of intent, and this can shape the perceptions of your target audience. But for such a statement to have impact it must clearly capture your brand purpose.

The Bedrock Process

To define your brand you must first understand what it represents.

Your brand is a form of language and to speak it, you must first learn it. Bedrock consists of a series of exercises which we take you through in a workshop session.

It has a clear, tangible outcome: your own brand manifesto.

The Benefits of the Bedrock Process


A clearly defined brand purpose differentiates you in the marketplace, setting you apart from the competition.


Brand purpose helps create and clarify a positive culture within your workplace, helping you attract and retain talent.


A purposeful brand is the bedrock for your business growth and sustainability, and for further brand development.

Build Your Brand Future… in Four Weeks

Within four weeks of the Bedrock process, you will have your own brand manifesto, providing you with the essential starting point to transform your brand and help your business progress and develop.

For more about Bedrock, please call Partisan on 0161 860 7010.

“Working with Partisan was a pleasure. Our business model is complex, straddling both public and private markets, and we needed to bring clarity to our brand narrative and communications. Partisan understood who we are, and developed a clear purpose for our brand. Since then we have won work that is inline with our values, and have also attracted employees who know what we stand for.”

Jemma Hynes, CEO @ Food Sync

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