Salfords culture & place partnership

Branding a cultural placemaking strategy for Salford

Suprema Lex is the brand name for the placemaking strategy of Salford Culture and Place Partnership.

For Partisan, this was a brief that aligned with some of our main areas of interest and activity: branding, culture and placemaking.

The phrase suprema lex translates as “Let the welfare of the people be the highest law” – or basically, putting people’s interests first. It’s the historical motto of Salford City.

As a cultural placemaking strategy, Suprema Lex needed to communicate its messages to a public audience clearly, in ways that would be relatable.

We wanted to create a brand identity that would be distinctive and also feel a part of its surrounding culture and environment and not simply be imposed onto it.

The striking palette was impactful and provided an uncluttered backdrop for the brand’s messages.
The primary font, Gitan Latin Bold, implied a sense of heritage and community while still looking utterly contemporary.

This embodied the principle of Suprema Lex, of using the Salford City motto as a launchpad for transformation, drawing on historical radicalism to help change the city’s present and future.

Suprema Lex’s brand is accessible and dynamic, designed to have public appeal and to connect with the creative spirit of the city.
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