Salfords culture & place partnership

Branding a strategy for cultural placemaking

Suprema Lex is Salford’s strategy for culture, creativity and place. The name comes from the Latin phrase: ‘Salus populi suprema lex esto’ which more or less translates as: the health, safety or welfare of the people is the supreme law.

Naturally, people are at the heart of Salford’s Suprema Lex strategy, but the overall context is Salford as a place for people.

Partisan and Placemaking
Culture and placemaking are central to Partisan’s approach to branding and brand strategy.

We’ve always looked at branding as something that cannot work out of context: it has to first grow out of a clear purpose before it can develop to then drive that purpose. For us, then, the Suprema Lex brief, to design the brand and website for this strategy, was an excellent fit.
Communicating Clearly and Directly
The Suprema Lex brand is about clarity of purpose and developing a platform to inspire change, and for this inspiration to reach beyond Salford.

Our branding for Suprema Lex emphasises boldness and simplicity, and it provides plenty of scope for further expansion and development, as the brand and its activities grow.
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