jda architects

Designing an architectural practice a new brand for its next stage of growth

JDA Architects is an established practice. It was looking to refresh its brand to better position itself for future growth and development.

We needed to find a branding solution that would signify this fresh approach while acknowledging the reputation the practice had already built for itself.

Therefore, we didn't necessarily want to break with the past but instead interrogate it and use this knowledge to reimagine the JDA brand.

To do this, we consulted closely with the team at JDA, gathering viewpoints about the practice’s culture and the type of clients it worked with. 

We discovered that the brand had potentially powerful messages concerning its place in a wider context.

Therefore, in rebranding JDA, a key differentiating factor was how the practice saw its work fitting in with broader cultural and economic issues.

The brand catalyst we identified for this was:

What should architects talk about?

This was a major focus of the brand manifesto we put together for JDA, along with a new website design and fresh content.
By establishing a context for JDA, and using this as an integral part of the brand message, we've created a brand that feels engaged far beyond the boundaries of its own professional culture.

The JDA brand represents architecture for people, by people.
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