Partisan to Design Website for Award-Winning Architects

Author: William Seabrook
Date: 29.11.2022
Manchester branding agency Partisan has won the contract to design a new website for RIBA Chartered Practice, Matt Brook Architects.
Matt Brook Architects is an ambitious, award-winning practice. Partnering with Partisan will help grow its online brand as a distinctive digital asset.
Matt Brook is an industry-leading designer with a diverse portfolio of award-winning projects. This portfolio includes Mann Island, a RIBA Award winning project that he designed and delivered on a highly significant and complex site on Liverpool’s Waterfront, within a World Heritage Site. 
Matt also designed RIBA North, the institute’s first national architecture centre and its largest museum standard gallery at Mann Island that delivers an award-winning experience and acts as a visitor hub for the historic waterfront.

Matt is a passionate advocate for the positive impact that great design can have on people and places which he has championed in the profession through his previous roles as Past President of RIBA in the north-west as well as serving on the RIBA’s national council. Matt is also well known as Co-Chair of Places Matter, the RIBA’s independent design review panel in the north west, in a role he has fulfilled for the last ten years.

Looking to the future, Matt Brook Architects has a portfolio of exciting projects across the UK, including Phoenix Works in Manchester, which received a 2022 award from the Manchester Society of Architects for residential unbuilt project of the year.

"With their experience and depth of knowledge from working with clients in the built environment, we’re confident that Partisan will help convey our people-focused placemaking-led, approach.” – Matt Brook
Website Design and Branding for the Built Environment
Working in the built environment is competitive. Architects need to find ways of promoting their creativity that will help them engage with their target audiences and prospects.
Partisan designs websites and applies branding for architects, placemakers and other professionals to engage with audiences, connect with prospects and win work.
For Partisan, the key to a successful website is congruence. Award-winning architects need websites that align with the expertise and creativity of their own discipline.

The same care and attention to detail that an architecture firm applies to its projects in the built environment should come through in the design and functionality of its website.

Taking a brand-first approach, Partisan designs websites as vehicles for communicating brand values, clearly and impactfully.

Therefore, the website needs to be on-message as a natural extension of the entire brand and its values.

This in-depth approach, channelled through UX design principles, forms the basis for an effective website design that supports the brand, growing alongside it.
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